The Flying Carpet is an Environmental Education classroom that travels along the Egyptian Red Sea coast to bring environmental awareness to all communities living close to the sea. This project, that started back in 2012, is done in collaboration with multiple local partners and combine games, short talks, debates and other activities to engage the younger community members in the protection of the environment.


Welcome to the Flying Carpet!

Since 2011, BEC has been organizing awareness days in coastal towns of the Egyptian Red Sea to provide children from primary and secondary schools with information on marine life. In collaboration with Keep Quseir Beautiful (KQB), Roaya, and the Hurghada Environmental Protection and Conservation Association (HEPCA), we organized a first event in Hurghada in 2011 called “Sea Turtle day” and a similar event in Quseir in March 2012. Both events witnessed the enthusiastic participation of more than 250 kids, adults and local teachers. So in summer 2012, following the successful experiment carried out in San Ignacio lagoon and introducing the methodology used by 'Les Petits Debrouillards', BEC and KQB, Raoaya and HEPCA joined forces to prepare a package of educational activities that mixed hands-on experience, games, talks and debates...and The Flying Carpet was born!

What is the Flying Carpet?

The Flying Carpet is a travelling school that bring environmental education to communities living in the Southern Egyptian Red Sea. The aim is to spread practical education to the children about the environment in which they live. Even though the Red Sea communities live along the coastline, the residents have minimal knowledge about the environment in which they live. Over 60% of the youth do not know how to swim well if not at all. Many of the beaches have plastic bags and bottles strewn throughout. It has been and continues to be our intention to bring awareness to the visual and encourage a “can do” attitude to change the reality for the betterment of all the community. In addition, to understanding the varying impact of solid waste and its effect on the daily life.


1. Introduce children living along the Egyptian Red Sea coast to the concept of environment and environmental education.

2. Provide capacity building for local teachers on environmental education.

3. Spread awareness on environmental issues among all the community members.


Want to help us?

We are accepting donations for this project!

We will need approximately 3,000 EUR to be able to bring the flying carpet all over the Red Sea!

Please, donate here!


Previous editions!

In 2013, the Flying Carpet addressed the problem of solid waste and the importance of Re-using, Re-cycling, Re-ducing plastic and garbage in general. Check out some pictures of 'The Flying Carpet 2013 Edition - The Green Goat Festival' here.

In 2012, the Flying Carpet went underwater exploring the beauty of marine life in the Red Sea and encouraging people to act to protect the sea and think twice before harming any creature. Have a look at some pictures of 'The Flying Carpet 2012 Edition - Life from The Blue'.

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