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Project aim

El Chapuzon Submarino is a travelling school aimed at showing kids the wonders of the underwater life through a virtual diving experience.

About the project

In 2015, Boomerang For Earth Conservation and Grupo Tortuguero decided to go for a ‘Chapuzòn Submarino’ (aka Underwater Dip): a new, exciting and interactive, educational program based on 4 years of experience at San Ignacio Lagoon. ‘Chapuzon Submarino’ is a travelling school that brings together environmental science, arts and expression, and the conviction that we can all have an active role in preserving natural resources. In total 4 communities within the Vizcaino Biosphere Reserve and Bahia de Ulloa, a very important foraging site for endangered turtles, have been visited by the Chapuzon Submarino team during 2015-2016

‘Chapuzon Submarino’ is a 5-sense experience! Outside their classroom and using diverse teaching methods, children will be learning not only about the ecological importance of marine species, but will also be developping a strong connection with their environment and their community. ‘Chapuzon Submarino’ is aiming at inspiring young generations to protect the environment and the sea. 

For the 2016-2017 season, we are looking for your help to continue our program and bring the Chapuzon Submarino to the new generation of students in San Ignacio Lagoon while at the same time evaluate the impact we are having on the community!

What are you supporting?

There are 3 main milestones that you will be supporting with your donations:

Milestone #1: Monthly visits of ‘Chapuzon Submarino’ to San Ignacio Lagoon, BCS, Mexico;

Milestone #2: The 8th edition of the San Ignacio Lagoon Sea Turtle Festival;

Milestone #3: A study to assess the imapct of our educational activities!

In order to reach our goals we will need:

Milestone #1 (cumulative budget: 2,400 EUR):

2,400 EUR for 3 visits of ‘Chapuzon Submarino’!

Milestone #2 (cumuative budget: 3,900 EUR):

1,000 EUR to organize the 7th San Ignacio Lagoon Sea Turtle festival;

500 EUR for equipment, communication, emergencies.

Milestone #3 (cumulative budget: 5,900 EUR)

2,000 EUR to support a study to assess the short, medium and long term impacts of our educational activities.

Please, donate here!

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El Chapuzon Submarino 2016-2017

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