BEC started to work actively in San Ignacio lagoon since 2010, collaborating closely with the local community and other NGOs and governmental agencies to protect endangered East Pacific Green Turtles. The project grew up substantially since its inception and actually include a scientific and a social component. The team has created a strong link with the community and the project has become a family event.


 Let's go for a Chapuzon Submarino!

This year, support our new adventure! Chapuzon Submarino is a new, exciting and interactive, educational program based on 4 years of experience at San Ignacio Lagoon. ‘Chapuzon Submarino’ is a travelling school that brings together environmental science, arts and expression, and the conviction that we can all have an active role in preserving natural resources.

While the idea of this educational program has been building up for years in San Ignacio, in 2015 we would like to do more! For this reason, ‘Chapuzon Submarino’ will also be travelling at other coastal communities within the Vizcaino Biosphere Reserve and Bahia de Ulloa, a very important foraging site for endangered turtles.

But for this…we will need your help! Support our Donation Campaign!

What will you be supporting?

With your donations you will be supporting the following activities:

  • Monthly monitoring of marine turtles in their feeding areas done by local fishers;
  • Monthly visits of ‘Chapuzon Submarino’ at the lagoon;
  • Field work for a local student to conduct a feasibility study on ecotourism in the lagoon (a follow-up of the work Mario did in 2013).

We will need approximately 9,000 EUR to complete this project that will include:

  • 3,600 EUR for 12 turtle monitorings,
  • 3,600 EUR for 8 visits of ‘Chapuzon Submarino’,
  • 500 EUR to support field work for 1 local student,
  • 500 EUR to organize another photography workshop;
  • 800 EUR for equipment, communication, emergencies.

This is how your donations will be used:

  • 10 EUR will allow our team to take 2 kids on a field expedition to discover the wildlife at the lagoon;
  • 20 EUR will cover costs for gasoline for one monitoring of turtles;
  • 30 EUR will allow us to cover costs for food for 3 fishers during the monitoring of marine turtles or to host a special guest at the lagoon for one night;
  • 50 EUR will cover the rental of a panga (local fishermen boat) for a field trip;
  • 100 EUR will cover accommodation and food expenses for 3 team members for one night (and possibly two, as our friends at the lagoon are very generous) or a field trip for a class (plus a teacher);
  • 150 EUR will cover expenses for team members to travel to the lagoon from La Paz;
  • 300 EUR will cover all costs for one monthly monitoring of marine turtles;
  • 450 EUR will cover food, accommodation, travel expenses for our team to spend 3 days at the lagoon organizing different activities;
  • 500 EUR will cover costs for a Photography and Videography Workshop for children and adults or field expenses for a local student;
  • 1000 EUR or more will cover plenty of things…

Want to help us?

Please, donate here!




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